Women Support Group for Diabetes

Four years ago, Rancho Springs Medical Center Nurse Navigator, Debbie Parker, saw the need for women’s resources in this area. She saw that there wasn’t a consistent place to go for support or information anywhere in the area. That’s when she decided to get involved with the Women’s Enlightened (WE) group. The program has exploded, boasting over 2,000 women who are involved with meeting monthly to discuss important health topics. It is absolutely FREE, and is for women ONLY. It is a safe place for women to go, enjoy a nice meal, build relationships, and listen to expert advice from local physicians. Rancho Family Medical Group is thrilled to be plugged in with such an awesome group of ladies. We love to support them, and health education for women in this valley. Recently, our doctor, Dr. Maisara Rahman, was able to speak there on a topic that she considers to be her passion, diabetes. Knowing that resources lack in this valley for diabetes education, we decided to see what the interest level would be for a 6 week seminar on diabetes. The response was overwhelming, and starting in February we will be launching this 6 week course at Rancho Springs Hospital. Rancho Family Medical is excited to be a part of this very proactive group, and to be increasing the amount of education offered in this area. 

If you are interested in joining the WE program please click the link to their website listed below to get more information. I promise, you will be happy that you did! 

Get to know the speaker, our very own Dr. Maisara Rahman

If you would like more information about Dr. Rahman, click the link below! Her office is on Temecula Parkway and she is currently accepting new patients.

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