Chicken Tacos & Mango Black Bean Salsa

I love tacos. Since I started cooking in middle school, tacos have been a staple in my diet. I am constantly tweaking my taco recipes because I am always trying to improve them. Not these. I created this recipe and I won’t change it, and I hope you love it too!

First off, let me say that these tacos are more about the salsa. You can add this salsa on top of shrimp, salmon, tilapia, or carne aside tacos. It is very versatile and goes great everywhere.

Grilled red onion, red bell pepper, and grilled sweet peppers

I personally prefer to grill the majority of the ingredients vs. adding them raw. I grill the peppers and onions before dicing them and adding them to the salsa. I have found raw red onion to be really overpowering and has the ability to ruin a dish. By grilling the onion and peppers first, it softens the intensity and gives the salsa a really great flavor. So let’s get to it.

SALSA Ingredients:

1 Red bell pepper, grilled and diced
½ lb Cherry tomatoes, diced
1-2 large ripe avocados, diced
½ red onion, grilled and diced
1 large ripe mango, peeled and diced
1 small can of corn, drained
1 can black beans, drained
Juice from 2 limes
Fresh cilantro 

TACO Ingredients:

Corn Tortillas ( can substitute for butter leaf lettuce)
Grilled meat of choice (recommend shrimp or tilapia)
Mango Salsa (above)


Mix all of the salsa ingredients (except the avocado) together in a bowl. once everything is mixed in well, add the avocado. Carefully fold in the avocado, being cautious not to smash it.

For the tacos, Grill the meat of choice and set aside to rest. If using tortillas, add them on the grill for a few moments total. You just want a little char on the tortillas. Next layer taco ingredients and top with mango salsa. Finally, eat until you can’t move. We don’t typically recommend overeating, but it’s next to impossible not to on this one.

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